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A-7 Squadrons

Attack Squadron 304, Alameda, California

On my second enlistment I was assigned to VA-203 in Jacksonville, Florida (back again). We transitioned from A-7A's to A-7B's and moved the squadron across town to Cecil Field.


This was a TAR (Training and Administration of Reserves) outfit that trained "weekend warriors." For two weeks out of the summer, we all packed up and traveled to Fallon, Nevada for Active Duty Training, which was such a burden what with the casinos and legal brothels (not that I ever...).


In 1980 I was transferred clear across the country to the San Franscisco Bay area and assigned to another A-7 outfit: VA-304. For the next three years I made the annual pilgrimage to Fallon, Nevada and dealt with training reservists on a weekly basis. Finally, I grew tired of this and investigated a new opportunity: Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD).


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