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Upon completion of "A" school, I was given orders to the USS Coral Sea (CVA-43). Note: I know that carriers aren't referred to by that classification any longer, but they were then - they dropped the "A" or "N" sometime in the '80's if memory serves.


Anyway, I flew from Travis AFB in Sacramento, to Clark AFB in the Philippines - via Hawaii and Guam - and survived a harrowing bus ride from Clark to Subic Bay, where I and several of my soon to be shipmates were to board the USS Misspillion (AO-105), which would rendevous with Coral Sea at someplace called, "Yankee Station."


Oh, by the way...during the two days in Subic, I made my initial foray across the S--t River bridge and into Olongopo City. But that's a tale for another time.


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