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My first two books are available online at Barnes & Noble, Amazon.com, Books-a-Million, or iUniverse.


My latest offering: Splinter of Asgard - Part I: The Cost of Magic, is now available in print at Amazon.com, or as an Kindle e-book download. Also, Part II of the trilogy: The Wolf Queen will make a great gift.


I am currently working on recording this book for release on CD or through Audible. It is a long, tedious process so it may take a few months; but, keep coming back for updates.

When I learn how to load an audio file to this site I will give you a sample.

Part II of the Splinter trilogy: The Wolf Queen is now available in print and Kindle e-book at Amazon.com.

The final part of the Splinter Trilogy is complete. I am excited to have this project finished.


Check out the new book trailer for Part III of the Splinter Trilogy - Days of Blood and Magic, on my Facebook page.

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