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My first two books are available online at Barnes & Noble, Amazon.com, Books-a-Million, or iUniverse.


My latest offering: Splinter of Asgard - Part I: The Cost of Magic, is now available in print at Amazon.com, or as an Kindle e-book download. Also, Part II of the trilogy: The Wolf Queen will make a great gift.


I am currently working on recording this book for release on CD or through Audible. It is a long, tedious process so it may take a few months; but, keep coming back for updates.

When I learn how to load an audio file to this site I will give you a sample.

Part II of the Splinter trilogy: The Wolf Queen is now available in print and Kindle e-book at Amazon.com.

The final part of the Splinter Trilogy is in the final editing phase and should be ready for publishing in April or May of 2018.

Excited to have this project finished.


The Wolf Queen, is available for ordering. Be sure to get yours.


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