I am narrating books for other authors, as well as my own. Here are some recent additions to my catalog. 


If you are interested in purchasing a copy for your library, go to today.


Check out this crime horror/thriller I narrated. 

It's available on, Amazon, and iTunes.

The second installment of the Highwayman story is available from, iTunes, and Amazon.


I had a blast narrating this one. You'll like it, I'm sure.

Also from MJ Preston, and available from, iTunes, and, a nailbiter of a horror story, narrated by yours truly.

Check it out. But be warned... it's intense.


Click the cover image to purchase your copy today.

You might enjoy this western drama I narrated. It's available from, iTunes, and Amazon.


Also by Dave Lloyd and narrated by me. An epic tale of adventure, war, and heartbreak.

A great story.


Now available through the usual outliets: Amazon, Audible, iTunes.


Now available from, iTunes, and


The final chapter in the Splinter Trilogy. Available in audiobook from,, and iTunes.


Check out the new book trailer for Part III of the Splinter Trilogy - Days of Blood and Magic, on my Facebook page.

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